packing list.

What do you pack to get you through a year abroad when you're limited to two suitcases? I listened to the advice of several expats to limit the amount of clothes... so here were my essentials:   Tampons - Sorry dudes.  When I set up the photo I didn't realize this would be the first … Continue reading packing list.

kindness matters. 

One of the hardest parts of choosing to move abroad was saying goodbye my students. Other "goodbyes" were hard too, but these were real goodbyes. The "goodbyes" to friends and family were really just poorly masked see-you-laters and until-next-times and send-me-lots-of-snaps-especially-when-you-see-my-dog-s. The real goodbyes were infused with the knowledge that our paths may very well … Continue reading kindness matters.