I’m going to start off by saying that NoDak will always be #1 in my heart when it comes to university life.  The campus (with its perfectly square layout, green courtyards, and unmistakably foul-smelling coulee), the facilities (including the timeless chalkboards of Witmer #mathlete), the faculty (shout out to Jan at Squires dining hall), the … Continue reading alcalá.

teachers gonna teach.

Prior teaching experience: -suburb of Minneapolis -2 years in a public high school -9-10th graders (with a handful of 11th/12th graders each year) -Geometry and Algbera 2 -Americans (new Americans, 1st-2nd-3rd...+ generation) -class sizes 28-38. Current teaching experience: -suburb of Madrid -1 year in a semi-private school -7th-9th grade -English levels 4-6 -Spaniards (new Spaniards, … Continue reading teachers gonna teach.