About Me

  • I’m Katie (aka Roche, Rocher, Rochie, Ms. Roche)

Former student teacher in North Dakota and high school math teacher in Minnesota… current Madrileña, Spanish speaker, EL Specialist, traveler, math education advocate, Minnesotan, sports enthusiast, and list maker.

I’m a UND alumna (with degrees in Secondary/Middle Level Ed, Math, and Spanish) living in Spain and dedicated to figuring out what exactly it means to be this thing we call a ‘teacher’.

  • Trilingual?

Math nerds don’t understand why I love studying Spanish. Language nerds don’t understand why I love studying math. No one (myself included at times) understands why I love both.

However, these areas have a lot more in common than it first appears. Each is its own language filled with unique vocabulary, syntax, grammar, symbols, and types of texts. Becoming fluent in both requires creativity, logic, self-confidence, communication, collaboration, and continual learning.

Although I would claim being able to carry on a conversation in any of my three languages (English, Spanish and mathematics), I realize that there’s still a lot of room for improvement in each one.

  • You really want to teach?

yes. I like to learn, work with others, meet new people, laugh, share my passions, and challenge myself. Teaching offers the perfect blend.

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