riddle me this.

An immigrant who.... is not a citizen has come in search of a better quality of life and more opportunities for education does not pay taxes takes jobs from those who are more qualified to do it drives up the price of housing by making it more competitive receives a monthly stipend from the government … Continue reading riddle me this.


Things You Only Hear When You Live in Madrid "Oh yeah I'll stop by tomorrow afternoon around 8pm." I already knew that meal times here are off (lunch = 3-4pm & dinner = 9-10pm), but what I didn't realize was how this completely alters the Spanish definitions of afternoon, evening, and night.  In fact, there … Continue reading ehke.


Language and culture, although distinct, are inexplicably intertwined.  You can't separate the two, because each is infused into the other in an almost mystical way.  Nothing makes this concept clearer than when you find yourself incapable of translating a certain phrase into another language.  Although súper pesado (pesado = irritating+heavy+tiresome+annoying), it's kind of cool to … Continue reading ala.


Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated and nobody knew moving abroad could be so difficult.   Moving to a Spanish-speaking country was something I had promised myself I would fulfill within 5 years of graduating from college.  My study abroad experience 100% changed the way I viewed the world and 100000% changed the way … Continue reading humility.


I’m going to start off by saying that NoDak will always be #1 in my heart when it comes to university life.  The campus (with its perfectly square layout, green courtyards, and unmistakably foul-smelling coulee), the facilities (including the timeless chalkboards of Witmer #mathlete), the faculty (shout out to Jan at Squires dining hall), the … Continue reading alcalá.

teachers gonna teach.

Prior teaching experience: -suburb of Minneapolis -2 years in a public high school -9-10th graders (with a handful of 11th/12th graders each year) -Geometry and Algbera 2 -Americans (new Americans, 1st-2nd-3rd...+ generation) -class sizes 28-38. Current teaching experience: -suburb of Madrid -1 year in a semi-private school -7th-9th grade -English levels 4-6 -Spaniards (new Spaniards, … Continue reading teachers gonna teach.

love-hate graph.

*This post was inspired [not sponsored (yet)] by the xkcd comic --> https://xkcd.com/388/   WOW. I almost forgot how amazing graphs are and how much I love making them. 😍  I proudly present to you my latest creation: THINGS ABOUT SPAIN THAT I LOVE/HATE THAT I DID/DIDN'T EXPECT.     I'll explain the items on this scatter-plot by … Continue reading love-hate graph.

packing list.

What do you pack to get you through a year abroad when you're limited to two suitcases? I listened to the advice of several expats to limit the amount of clothes... so here were my essentials:   Tampons - Sorry dudes.  When I set up the photo I didn't realize this would be the first … Continue reading packing list.

kindness matters. 

One of the hardest parts of choosing to move abroad was saying goodbye my students. Other "goodbyes" were hard too, but these were real goodbyes. The "goodbyes" to friends and family were really just poorly masked see-you-laters and until-next-times and send-me-lots-of-snaps-especially-when-you-see-my-dog-s. The real goodbyes were infused with the knowledge that our paths may very well … Continue reading kindness matters.